catboy / boyd terry is my favorite trumpet playing man alive!!!! he makes me very happy, and he also loves clothes, as well as designing. he is responsible for creating the uniforms for the aquabats, and is also one of the biggest reasons they are a ska band!

• his birthday is 10/29/69
• he acquired the material to make the aquabats uniforms from ALEEDA WETSUITS!
• his favorite color is RED
• he likes jack in the box tacos
• his top artist on is man or astro man!

• his powers are super lips, pessimister, and logic defying (through puzzles)
• he played in the aquabats from 1994-2002
• he used to be a clothing designer for nike
• he is very handsome
• he is very sweet!



Hot Dog With Mustard



as of today, i have not met him :(

2/11 - this was the first time i ever saw him IRL, and he was very nice! i was very close to front row, and he waved hi back to me and smiled at me a lot. he also thumbsed up at me with a big smile which was absolutely adorable. :) he played amazingly. my first ever concert experience ever!

7/28 - seeing boyd for the second time was so fun! he interacted with me a lot this time. he waved and thumbsed up when i made heart hands at him. with a big smile. i think he tried to call me on stage during pool party because he pointed at me and made a motion where he called me up. it was like we were communicating through sign language the whole time. i wiggled my fingers in the air during a song and he copied me. we wiggled our fingers together for a while. it was super cute. i loved this whole show :) i always waited until he was done trumpeting though. i wanted to be convenient and nice. he waved bye to me walking out.

12/8 - the christmas show! oh my god!!!! this was the best day EVER! the usual interactions between us like waving and smiles and thumbs and all that, but this time he was being extra cute. especially because when i gave him heart hands this time, he stuck his tongue out with a big smile. i also got a picture of him with like the biggest grin ever. but at the end of the show, HE HANDED ME THE SETLIST!!!!!!!!!!!! I HAVE IT FRAMED! i could not feel my legs at all. i think i almost died.

i wish i met him all these times, but i always get too scared. i hope he thinks i'm cool. will update this